Mindsetters Podcast

Episode 5 - 'Take Another One'

October 14, 2021 Kim and Ellen Season 1 Episode 5
Mindsetters Podcast
Episode 5 - 'Take Another One'
Show Notes

We are here with Episode 5, where we reflect on and discuss today's social norm of having the 'perfect shot' to represent the 'perfect moment in time'. 

In this episode 'Take Another One' we talk about:
- social media and it's impact on peoples mindsets 
- how the act of comparision is the thief of joy
- the ways that people are digitally enhancing their images (e.g. staged photos of experiences and highly edited personal images)
- the media and marketing companies that target our insecurities to keep themselves in business
- the reality that no one is perfect and our connections with others are formed through our imperfections and vulnerability
- a self-empowering journal prompt that can be used to remind yourself of your achievements and your unique qualities that can pull yourself out of comparing to a fake reality 

Enjoy the vibes, laughs and beginner editing skills!